Help the developers

  • Bug fixing is important, the developers will handle a report swiftly.
  • For that reason please help us by carefully constructing a simple case others can redo.
  • You do your half of the work, then we do our half much faster!
  • Follow the 4 steps below while creating your ticket:

Note: We have to reject requests which we can not understand!

1: The bare minimum

Add a brief description

  • What fails ?
  • What do you expect ?
  • What happens instead ?
  • How can we reproduce it ?

Your environment:

  • Product number version, or
    name of the installed zip file
  • Blender version number
  • Operating system
  • A well prepared demo .blend file.

2: How to Prepare your Blend file

Clean up

  • Create a backup copy of your blend file
  • Prepare the copy such that we only need one click to step into your problem.
  • Please always strip down your blend such that it contains only the relevant data.

For Modelling/Weighting issues

  • Remove all packed textures
  • Remove any other unrelated meshes

For Texturing issues

  • Pack all related texture data into the blend file as follows:
    File -> External data -> Pack into blend file
  • Remove any other unrelated texture data

3: Save your Blend file compressed (very important!)

  • Save your blend file with “Compress” enabled (this saves your file as a zip). You can find the compress option in the file export panel, on the left side (in the tool shelf) when you are in the file browser. You might need to scroll down a bit to see the options panel.
  • (Optionally) create screenshots (if explaining with words is too difficult).
  • Hint: Please use only the compress option and do not zip a compressed blend file.

4: Now create the ticket

While you create the ticket you can upload your files to us (The ticket system allows to upload attachments). The ticket form starts on the next line: