Download Avastar-1 from your Jass-Inventory folder. You should have received a link to your Jass-Inventory upon purchasing this AddOn.

Important: Blender must be given the zipped file. Hence it is mandatory that your download software keeps the .zip file intact.  Otherwise you will not be able to install the AddOn!


  • Open a fresh Blender Session
  • Navigate to File -> User Preferences (The Preferences Window opens up)
  • Select the Add-Ons Tab
  • Click the “Install Add-On …” Button
  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the file
  • Select the zip file, then click on the “Install Add-On…” Button in the top right corner of the Preference window.
  • in the category column select “Object”. A list of about 6 Add Ons appears. Locate the “Obect: Avastar” Add on
  • Checkmark the enable field on the right side of the Preferences Window
  • Click “Save As Default” in the lower left corner to keep the Add On permanently installed in your Blender.

Now you are ready to go.

Bug reporting

The Avastar default character

Avastar uses the SL-Avatar shape by default. This shape comes ready weighted and rigged and you can jump start to use it for your animation work.