The Right Sidebar is your friend


At the bottom of the right page sidebar you find an expandable Hierarchy of Product documents.

  • Click on the +/- signs to navigate in the Hierarchy
  • Click on a title to open the document



Near the Top of the Sidebar you find the search Section. This section is organised into 3 parts:

  • Blog section filter
  • Search phrase
  • Category Filter

Use the Search, it helps!


External articles/videos

Standard Sizes – Siddean Munro
rigging&skinning videos – Medhue Simoni
The Render Pipeline – Simon
Topology… – Codewarrior Congrejo

Other useful Sites:

Blendercookies (Tutorials)
Blender Wiki (Manual)
Blender Stackexchange (Q&A)

This and that…

So to get started with Avastar, you first want to get to the most current information. This page will change and evolve as Avastar does.

If you’ve been away from Avastar for a while and aren’t sure where to get your download information, go to the Q&A page.

Read the following information to get up and going or get acquainted with what’s new in Avastar. We have worked up several workflows on these pages. Note that there are two pages referenced, and those should be read to understand important points with regard to working with the latest Avastar versions, Blender 2.7x and the workflows.

Please read the Classic and Fitted Mesh and Attach Custom Mesh workflow pages.

Come back and check this page frequently.