Avastar anim format

The internal serialised animation format that SL and OpenSim use is usually given the extension “.anim” and so has become known as the anim format.  The more common path of importing animations, through BVH files, actually just translates the BVH format to the internal format when you upload an animation.  Some details of the internal format can be found here.

Avastar supports many of the features of the anim format including per-bone priorities, animating attachment points, and encoding the loop parameters, ease in and out, hand pose and emote directly  in the animation file.


Uploading the anim File

The import of .anim files is as easy as the import of .bvh files.

* Go to Build -> Upload -> Animations.
* Select the animations you want to upload. You can select several but they have to have the extension “.anim” or “.bvh”.

You will be charged L$10 per animation so be sure of your choice. They will show up in your animations folder after a few seconds.

For .anim animations all the animation parameters such a priority and looping are set in Blender at export time.