Characters for SL and OpenSim

  • Made for Blender 2.6/2.7
  • Provides:
    Character Animation
    Character Creation
  • Supported Environments:
    SL, OpenSim and similar worlds
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What is Avastar ?

Avastar is a Blender Addon for SL Mesh Creators and Animators. Avastar supports the entire production chain starting from Modelling, Skinning, Weighting, up to single character and multi character Animation. Avastar integrates seamless into the Blender framework.
We provide an SL shape importer and tools for Classic Bone rigging and for Fitted Mesh rigging. We support attachment point animation. We provide Auto FK and IK/FK controls, and we provide exporters for Collada, .bvh and SL’s native .anim animation format.

Character Animation

  • Fully rigged avatar with switchable IK/FK controls.
    Makes high quality animations a breeze.
  • Auto FK (on by default)
  • FK Controlls for Head, Arms, Torso and legs
  • IK Controls for, Arms, Ellbows, Legs and Knees
  • Skeleton animation.
  • Attachment bone animation.
  • Fitted Mesh animation
  • Multi Character animation
  • Attachment point animation
  • Supports .bvh and .anim formats

more features …

  • Seamless IK/FK Blending
  • Rotation/Constraint controls
  • Breath Control
  • Create synchronized multiple avatar animations
  • Use Blender’s rich animation features such as the graph editor, constraints and the NLA editor.

 Character Creation

  • Import your own Shape (from Open Sim or compatible worlds) into Blender and make accurate animations that take into account the size and shape of your avatar.
  • Gender selector for male/female characters.
  • Do all your Shape editing within Blender: Edit your shape in Blender using the same control sliders as in SL.
  • Your Character will be automatically weighted and rigged.
  • The rig can be reused for your own mesh characters.
  • Shape slider now also affects your custom meshes (disabled by default)
  • A Weight Copy function is integrated
  • Hand Morphs are supported (SL limitations still apply)
  • Non T-Pose baking
  • Support for attachment bones
  • Support for Fitted Mesh
  • Texturing with SL UV Maps

Export Formats

  • bvh: Export animations for the whole avatar, or only particular bones to BVH format compatible with SL.
  • anim: Export to SL’s native animation format. This has more controls and features than exporting through BVH.
  • collada: Export Meshes (static and rigged) in compliance to the mesh Importer ofOpenSim and compatible worlds.
Note: Avastar provides its own optimized exporters to ensure that all exported data is fully compatible with the target environments (SL Open Sim, etc.)

Texturing support

Standard UV maps for all meshes:

  • Eyes
  • Head & Eyebrows
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Skirt

Default material setup for all parts.

Use Blender’s tools such as the material editor for layered texturing. Or use projection painting to create texture based skins and clothes.

And more …

  • Direct support for the Mesh Deformer (Open Sim)
  • Direct Support for Fitted Mesh
  • Rigging can be customised or replaced entirely without affecting the animation export.
  • The Avastar meshes can be replaced to create and animate your own custom mesh avatars.
For further details please lookup the reference guides (All documents can be found on the right sidebar) and use the category search at the top of the right sidebar.