Today we released another Avastar update. We tried our best to ensure that this Avastar release should work from Release 2.59 up to 2.62.

Here are the changes since the last update:

  1. NEW: added Targetless IK posing system on all bones (1)
  2. NEW: Weight copy now has the option to use a continuous sub-mesh interpolation
  3. NEW: Apply mirror modifier if it exists before mesh export
  4. NEW: Scale applied before export of mesh (2)
  5. IMP: Modifier aware mesh info panel
  6. FIX: resetting distance constraint no longer necessary when scaling armature
  7. FIX: fixed the visibility of motion transfer ui
  8. GUI: moved expressions into object properties tab.
  9. GUI: moved Hand posture into object properties tab.
  10. GUI: moved animation export into render tab
  11. GUI: bone names for weight adjust now searchable menu from vertex groups
  12. FIX: fixed visual glitch with blender 2.62 with properties and default labels
  13. FIX: fixed parenting with automatic weights (3)
  14. IMP: improved the accuracy of the bvh loop calculation
  15. FIX: squashed may other smaller bugs 🙂


New: Mesh Tools:

[PS-Youtube id=”P81l1NP3yck” w=”320″ h=”206″]

Purchase questions

  • I already purchased Avastar-1:
    You find the new update in your Jass-Inventory folder.
  • I want to buy Avastar-1:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop and purchase from the Avastar-1 vendor.

Other Questions

Ask Gaia Clary in SL, or send email to mailto:gaia.clary@machinimatrix.org

Have Fun

Gaia & Magus & Domino

!!! NOTE: There is more to come. We decided to add some more features before release. Keep tuned !!!

(1): Targetless IK also has a new UI (panel) for

  1. adjusting the chain length,
    including rapidly setting it to the parent/whole limb/COG
  2. increasing and decreasing the chain length intelligently skiping over locked bones
  3. switching to either have the tip of the chain free or ‘clamped’ (keeping angle constant).

(2): Scaling no longer needs to be done manually.

(3): Now only usual SL bones are deform bones by default. Thus automatic weighting only affects the SL bones. In previous versions automatic weighted meshes got partially transparent when worn.