What is Avamesh?

  • Avamesh is a ready made rigged character for Second Life(1)
  • With compatible UV Maps for Head, Upper Body and Lower Body(2)
  • With rigged hands
  • With pleasant feet
  • By default textured with a Free Starlight Texture
  • With a CC-BY license for unlimited usage in SL and other 3D worlds(3)
  • The CC-BY license allows for unlimited commercial reuse

(1) At this time we only have a female version.
(2) At this time we reuse the System Head. Feet have their own UV map.
(3) You can safely upload Avamesh and derived products to SL and similar online worlds.

Avamesh is mainly provided for learning purposes. We will use Avamesh also, but we will only use it as a model for our upcoming videos about working with Avastar.

And you can use it to study how to make decent mesh models. Furthermore its commercial usage license allows you to use Avamesh as a basis for your own creations. You may modify and improve the character in any way you like and import your version for personal usage or for reselling, whatever you desire to do.

A Short Impression Video on Avamesh

A Sidenote:
Avamesh is provided as is and we do not provide any official support for it. However Of course we try our best to make Avamesh working seamless and with no major pitfalls. Please feel free to report issues.

What Avamesh is not ?

  • Avamesh does not replace the official SL System character.
  • It does not have shape keys.
  • It is not made for Fitted Mesh, but you can add this easily on your own.
  • It is not ready to sell as it is.
  • It does not aim to compete with any commercial character creations.

Where you find Avamesh ?

it is included since Avastar-2.2 Release in your Download page.

Within Avastar you find it in the Devkit Manager Panel. Just click the Avamesh -Female button to get a fresh Avamesh character into your scene.

Tip: Read the Manual page about the Devkit Manager to see how create an Avamesh in your Blender 3D Viewport

What are our future plans ?

  • We will use Avamesh as our primary work model for any future Avastar tutorials
  • We will add base meshes for clothing, such as a shirt, pants, skirt, boots.
  • We consider to add a male character as well

At this time we provide the Avamesh Base model as part of the Avastar-2 tool. The additional Base meshes for clothes will become available as separate sales items.

We need your feedback

Please tell us how it handles, how it works or doesn’t work and your suggestions for improvements . We can only improve this mesh with your feedback. Also we have successfully been working with the Belleza and Maitreya dev kits. Please notate any problems you encounter with these or other mesh dev kits.

Please submit tickets on the importer and/or Avamesh so that we can improve Avamesh over time.

If you are eager to help us even more to make Avamesh perfect, then please feel free to send us your suggestions and improvements. If your suggestions match the goals we might add your ideas to the next generation of Avamesh.

Together we can make it shine!

Some technical details

The UV Maps of Avamesh Generation 1.

Note: The UV Maps are not fully compatible to the original SL UV maps. This is on purpose at the fingers area where we believe the original UV Map has some nasty mistakes. It looks like the deviations are not very harmful. Please report where the maps are not acceptable.

The UV Layouts (1024*1024 pixel)

You can download the layouts with Right Mouse Button – Save as

The Lower Body UV Layout

The Feet Layout