Marvelous Designer

Here is a support file for the new product for virtual fashion making from Marvelous Designer. I have prepared a .obj file which can directly be imported into Marvelous Designer as mannequin. Here is the short howto: …

  1. Download from our download server
  2. unpack the zip file. It contains only one file named SL-MD-avatar.obj
  3. open Marvelous Designer
  4. Navigate to File -> Import -> Obj:
  5. Upload the file SL-MD-avatar.obj into Marvelous Designer.
    Make sure that you set the scaling of the character to 100000 %:
  6. The Marvelous Designer avatar has now been replaced by the SL-avatar:

    Because of the slightly different shape the garment looks a bit borked directly after the avatar changed. You need to repeat the parts placement step once. then the garment gets adjusted to the new avatar model.

If you have blender you also can download the SL-MD-avatar.blend and later add your creation here for weighting and preparing the mesh export. This file will also be added to the upcoming new jass-release for your convenience.

have fun