[blip.tv 11KBmJdPAA 320 200] The Tutorial explains, how you can create multiple objects out of one single Sculpted prim.

Important Note: Please take a minute to read the Tutorial license terms.

For blender-2.5 (Early development version, available in the JASS-shop):

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Hello and welcome…

Today we will build two clearly separated objects by using one single sculpty. I will explain how the vertices have to be moved, in order to achieve the desired separation-effect.

We will use a cylinder as starting point. After creation of the sculpty, we apply a rotation of 90 degrees along the y-axis. Then we scale the object along the x-axis by a factor of 20.

Now we select 2 adjacent slices of vertices at the center of the object. We scale the vertices down to 0, along the y- and z- axes.

We end up with two almost-separated child objects, which are connected by a tiny little tube of zero-radius. This connection will not be visible in OpenSim (or whichever compatible online world you use). And hence this is the trick, how you can create separated objects with one single sculpty.

But now let us finish our work. We select the right child object and transform it into a ring. We use the warp-tool for this purpose. Just place the cursor somewhere below the selected vertices. Then press W, and enter 360 on the keyboard.

Now transform the other child in the same way. Then we move both child objects, so that the still visible connection line is located near the x-axis.

In order to get rid of the remaining spikes, we simply select the 2 ends of the connection line, and move them inside of the object bodies.

Finally we apply a rotation of 90 degrees along the z-axis. And at the end we move both objects until they intertwine.

There you are! We now have one single sculptmap, but 2 visible elements. Now bake your sculpty, save it and watch the results in OpenSim or your preferred online world.

Have a nice day!