[blip.tv 11KBnet3AA 320 200] The Tutorial explains, how to create an LOD invariant I-Beam.Important Note: Please take a minute to read the Tutorial license terms.

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Hello and welcome again!

Today we will create an LOD-invariant I-beam.

We start with a new sculpty using 16 X-faces and 4 Y-faces.
We will use 2 subdivisions of type simple, and we will use the cylinder as our starting template.
And finally we will work in Multi-res mode.

In top-view,let’s go to edit mode, and there look-up the multi-res control panel.

Go to multi-res-level 1.

Now delete all higher multi-res levels.

Rotate the sculpty by 11.25 degrees.

Scale the top and bottom-level vertices along the x-axis,
until they are located above and below the next-level vertices.

Now select the remaining eight inner-vertices, and scale them along the X-axis .
These vertices will make up the eye-beam’s central part.

When the x-position is convenient, scale them along y.

The central part of the construction is now almost ready.
But we still have to align the inner-most 4 vertices.

And then shift them along the y-axis, until they are positioned exactly
at the inner corners of the set(s+) eye-beam set(s–) .

Now we align the vertices so that they form a rectangular shape with sharp edges.
We also will adjust the width and the height of the whole construction,
so that it finally ends up with the typical eye-beam-shape.

Now the eye-beam is almost finished. We still need to close the top and the bottom
of the object. We do this, by selecting the upper-edge loop, and then scale the selected
vertices down to zero \pause=30 along the x-axis.

Lets do the same for the bottom-edge loop.

Then we go to front view, and scale up the inner part of the object by a factor of 2.
And here it is: a perfect LOD invariant \pause=0 set(s+) eye-beam set(s–) .

Bake the sculptmap, save it to disk, and enjoy your eye-beam in OpenSim or your preferred online world.

Have a nice day!